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Alchemy and Alkymia


All human beings are capable of creating and transforming, through our human energy, any imperfection in our life. Just like an alchemist, we can cleanse and change the state of things, we can study and understand the origin and transmute it to our benefit. The remote alchemists, who formerly called witches, today are called alkymists and this power is in everyone and everything because YOU have that power, YOU are able to change reality … because YOU are an alkymist.

The method of alchemy, or popularly known as philosopher’s stone, was developed from ancient times in Mesoponamia, until the eighteenth century. Its function was to understand the elements of the universe, the transmutation of metals and life. This subject used to work with physics, medicine, astrology and chemistry to discover the reason for paranormal activities, such as why shine in the stars, even the transformation of lead into gold.

Nowadays, after the study and deciphering of the alchemist language, this is related to the cleaning of something to turn it into something else, for example the cleaning of any metal, then be turned into gold. The transmutation of the physical components of fire, earth, water and air to body, mind, spirituality and soul.

The alkymia was born years later thanks to a well-known Chilean clinical psychologist named Lita Donoso, who created this new discipline by taking some bases from ancient alchemy. It is a cleaning method that works in the fifth dimension, which is the dimension of total connection of all the others, the dimension that quantum physics studies, the dimension in which humans work that, after positive thoughts and law of attraction, mold reality. Modern alkymists believe in the transformation of lead into gold; that is, from negative thoughts and feelings, to powerful decrees that make your life, the best life.

The emphasis is on reconnecting different parts of the body that have been turning off over the years, with stress and bad habits, and cleaning it completely, just as the alchemists purified the metal, and then re-ignite key points for the total conversion , that is, the transmutation of lead into gold. Lita, who is the creator of this method, teaches how to transform your life through the violet flame and the connection of the physical, mental and spiritual body. It is a simple methodology and it becomes daily with time.

Today alkymia has become an alternative medicine, a medicine that requires the most important doctor of all … you. Modern alkymia is the new magic, but really it is not more than the understanding that we are beings of light able to understand, change, improve forever thanks to our i am.


“The main key is to understand once and for all that we are permanent creators” Lita Donoso


Welcome alkymistas to the era of truth!


Alkymia – Lita Donoso (mr)





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