The power of Intention

The intention is a force, something real and palpable.   The intention is a real force, just like the force of gravity and is always present.   Everything in life […]

The Secrets of the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a gland of the size of a lentil Is located in the middle of the brain and is the responsible for controlling our pattern of wakefulness-sleep, […]

The violet Flame

The Violet Flame When we think of methods of meditation and mindfulness we have hundreds of options, but there is a similarity in all of them … the transmutation of […]

The power of Attention

Focus on this second. Where are you reading this?   Breathe slowly twice   You are already in attention   Attention is a psychological process that talks about a voluntary […]

Alchemy and Alkymia

  All human beings are capable of creating and transforming, through our human energy, any imperfection in our life. Just like an alchemist, we can cleanse and change the state […]

Human Energy

  We know that everything is energy. We know that everything is reduced to small atoms that form matter, but do we know how it works? Do we really understand […]

iam morning

  Western cultures, like the Mayans and the Incas and oriental cultures like the Buddhists, began their day by greeting the sun. Greet the Sun is not just a yoga […]