The Secrets of the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a gland of the size of a lentil

Is located in the middle of the brain and is the responsible for controlling our pattern of wakefulness-sleep, circadian rhythms and stress hormones.

At the age of 8, the pineal begins to qualify, but it is still responsible for functions such as stress regulation, strengthening the immune system, regulating sleep cycles, regulating endocrine functions and accumulation of serotonin.

Although the pineal gland has these functions in all humans, it can give much more of itself when it is activated, that means,  when it has been consciously stimulated to unfold its full potential.

It has been shown that the pineal gland secretes DMT and from the Buddhists to Descartes, they use to say that it is the eye of the soul; the seat that connects us with our superior being.

Modern medicine has shown that there is a complete structure of the same material as a human eye, but not functional in the frontal section of our pineal gland.

Knowing that we have an eye on our gland, we could say that it performs the same functions that we do with our eyes of the face.

Just as our physical eyes record information in the brain, our all-seeing eye can also record information through our imagination making what we think real.

This great vestigial eye, or “atrophied” as scientists affirm, is what they call in Oriental spirituality the third eye or seat of the soul.

The secret of manifesting things in the external world lies in using the pineal-pituitary gland and the spiritual power to take this picture.

Through the activity of visualization, you imprint the form or image on the Great Silence, and the Great Silence, which is the greatest power in the universe, impels it to external expression and experience.

” I AM la perfecta visión De Dios. Todo es Amor. Todo es Armonía”

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