Live the I am Life

We invite you to the new I AM coaching experience, where you combine how you feel to define what you need. 

Lucia Sedini, creator of i am experience, chef and life coach, invites you to take part in i am coaching, where you will learn about yourself and what you need to see, feel and think positive.

Through your astral chart, you will learn from the stars and how they interfere in your energy. After a talk and a test, you will know your own Ayurvedic dosha to define what foods and types of movements your body needs. 

Knowledge of important laws of attraction and the explanation and use of the pineal gland to achieve objectives and co-create. 

Creative meditations and different workshops to transmute and create a new life through a new way of looking at life …

Personalized coach to achieve goals, balance life, healthy body and the most important..a life coacher that will teach you how to transmute fear for love

"When you put your imagination, your attention and your intention into something ... that's my friends, it's the power of creation"

L. Sedini

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to experience all the magic you have in you.