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Mini vegan dessert iam


For those who have decided and proven that their body is better eating only food of vegetable origin, here I have a dessert, which in addition to tasty, is very nutritious.

Dates are a source of energy because they store large amounts of fiber, nutrients and sugar. They are the best natural way to sweeten, without the effects of industrial sugar

On the other hand cashews are source of unsaturated fatty acids that help balance cholesterol levels, restore calcium in the bones and help for cases of nervousness and depression for its high content of vitamin B



250 grams of peeled walnuts

250 grams of peeled almonds

250 seeds or seeds

250 dates


2 tablespoon of coconut oil

3 tablespoons of honey

200 grams of cashews

1/2 lemon

50 grams of blueberries

Grind dates, nuts, almonds and pips in a mini-pimmer or blender. Stretch the dough in a mold to create the base of the cake. Freeze.

Grind the chestnuts with coconut oil, honey, a splash of vanilla, lemon and some blueberries. Pour this cream over the previous base and refreeze for 3 hours

Cut the way you prefer and decorate with the rest of blueberries


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