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The power of Attention

Focus on this second. Where are you reading this?


Breathe slowly twice


You are already in attention


Attention is a psychological process that talks about a voluntary activity of the brain, where it concentrates in an optional way towards an external idea or stimulus. It is a cognitive process that we use every day for the simple fact of being human.

The DSM V, which is the manual of diagnosis and statistics of mental problems, says that the lack of attention is a problem called Attention Deficit or ADHD and is related to a persistent pattern of inattention and / or hyperactivity that interferes with the functioning of the individual . This problem, in today’s culture, is treated with medications and exercises for concentration, but what if there really was no inattention? What would happen if this problem is not a problem but only part of the personality? What would happen if what we have been taught in psychology classes and psychiatrists, is not the only truth?

The levels of attention are measured in the AMOUNT of concentration we give to something. When we focus energy on making a coffee, sport or having a conversation, we are paying attention to that action. This level of concentration is usually high at the beginning, and as it becomes more mechanical, attention goes down, but the focus of energy continues … only that it has been redirected to another thought.

Under this concept then, it is not about the AMOUNT of attention that is invested, but in the fact of PAYING attention to something, which defines whether or not we are in a state of attention. That is to say, that our state of concentration regulates it is the fact of INVESTING attention and energy and not only of quantity.

When we invest our attention, we are focused on a stimulus or thought. If the impulse we like, our attention will be captured for more time, and if not, then our brain will invest energy in something else, but then why is it that we normally pay attention to problems and shortcomings? Why, if attention is optional, do we always think the negative? Is attention used in the wrong way?

Attention is a basic mechanism of the human being and therefore, NATURAL. The brain will always be attracted to what it likes and this should not be a problem. So why do we attend to what we do not like? Why do we invest energy in the problem, if our body is designed to the contrary?

If we could RE-PROGRAM our mind, it would be easy to UNDERSTAND that what we pay attention to is what makes us be in i am. That what calls us to be attentive is what we should always keep in mind in our thoughts and emotions. When we imagine achievements, when we feel desire to be, when we live in a situation that produces peace, we are attending to that image … to something that makes us HAPPY. When we follow the NATURAL circle of our being, we do not need concentration drugs … we just need to listen to where our ATTENTION goes.

The power that this human capacity has, makes us learn, helps us to feel, think and relate to other beings. Attention ability helps us define what we like, helps us measure what interests us and is a great guide when it comes to spiritual evolution. When we keep our attention constantly towards a stimulus that makes us feel good, then we are connecting with the law of attraction, philosopher’s stone, quantum physics and with all the good that we can create in our life.

When we begin to RE-PROGRAM, and it becomes clear to us in our minds, that NATURAL ATTENTION is created to bring us closer to our truth, and not in order to pay attention and tension in problems, failed decisions and mistakes, we will be at peace and much happier because our attention will be directed to happiness and fully connected to our i am.

Our parents, our experiences, our essence is always divine. What we call problems are only states of life that make us leave our state of comfort; but it is this that limits us. the re-programming is ACCEPT, UNDERSTAND AND LOVE that everything that happened, is because we did not know how to use our magic, what we suffer now is only fear, and what we live in the future only depends on where we put our ATTENTION.

Bibliography: DSM V (2013)


Inspirations: Amparo Moreno and Lita Donoso


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