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The power of Intention

The intention is a force, something real and palpable.


The intention is a real force, just like the force of gravity and is always present.


Everything in life has a purpose, an intention. Everything from the seaweed in the sea to the smallest insect, everything has an objective and an intrinsic mission.


We as humans are also governed under this force and we use it when we are united and connected to our mission of life.


The strength of the intention is reflected in 7 actions:


The power of creativity, being able to admire beauty, the expansion of our soul, the abundance that there is in life for all, the receptivity to flow, the kindness to give and love, which is the highest vibration of all. Every time we as humans act within these 7 powers, then we are connected with the intention.


When we freely decide to connect with the force of intention, the ego disappears because now I connect to the greatest vibratory force of all … the force of the universe


To reach it we will do a very simple exercise, but very powerful:


We are going to invite the intention to our life; We are going to declare that we are exposed and free to accept wherever it takes us.


We will affirm that we trust in the power of intention because we know that our mission in life is what makes us happy, and that is why we decide, as free beings to vibrate with it, with God and with life. Lets just believe that It will take us exactly where we need to be … to our intrinsic purpose of life.




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