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The violet Flame

The Violet Flame

When we think of methods of meditation and mindfulness we have hundreds of options, but there is a similarity in all of them … the transmutation of fear into love.

Of all the meditations that are known in the world, I AM Experience teaches Co-creative Meditation
and Transmutation Meditation.

These two are the most effective since the seventh ray or violet violet flame is used in them; energy
ray capable of transmuting, eliminating and sweeping away any imperfection in our lives.

For those who are not yet familiar with the violet flame and the fifth dimension, in this text we will give an explanation of all these meanings that now seem strange, but later they will be used by you so daily that they will really understand that we are spiritual beings living an experience human.

How the violet flame works

The violet flame consists of the essence that makes up one of the Seven Rays delivered by the
ascended masters for our truth and happiness.

The seventh ray is in charge of transmuting, eliminating and sweeping away any imperfection in our life through its daily use and our attention in the co-creation of a full life.

The violet flame has the ability to transform physical conditions, since among all the existing flames,
it turns out to be the one that most possesses a vibration similar to that of the elements that make
up the material.

At the moment when you, dear beings of light, gather together for the purpose of invoking the violet flame, you are able to perceive an improvement in every physical, mental and spiritual

Literally, the violet flame is capable of consuming all the residues that remain within the atoms of being.

Just like putting soiled clothes in, the atoms of our body are soaked inside the violet flame, and this is responsible for dissolving all accumulated dirt for hundreds of years.

At the moment when the violet flame is invoked, a polarity is generated between the core of the
flame and that of the atom; since the nucleus atom, being matter, accepts the negative polarity,
while that of the violet flame, being a spirit, accepts the positive polarity.

The seventh ray is responsible for eliminating the density of electrons, while the impure substance that blocks the flow of positive energy, dissolves and purifies to its original state of perfection.

When the waste is eliminated, the electrons begin tospin with greater speed, raising the spiritual vibration and energy levels of each one of us.

Every time you feel negative emotions and that anxiety that eats away at the solarplexus, put your attention on that part of your body that hurts you, or where you feel the negative emotion, and invoke the violet flame.

Attend and feel that the flame is transmuting this bad energy in peace. Imagine the violet fire
consuming what is human and leaving only what corresponds to them … unconditional love

This exercise done daily for 10 minutes a day will free you from every appearance created by our ego and our fear.

Try each morning the invocation of the flame in your lives and get ready because
this is where the miracles begin.

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