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i am retreats

1. “The Secrets of Manifestation” 

Trill of power

(6 days)

In this Manifestation Workshop we will learn how to manifest whatever we want in our life through the activation of the Trill of Power.

By learning how to activate your Pineal gland, your third Eye and your Seventh Chakra channel you will be able to create things you didn’t think were possible.

Using the method of the Trill of Power, the disattachment of all fears and the activities that this course brings, you will enter a new dimension in life where you will realize that there is abundance for everyone and everything.


In this course you will receive your own hand made I am clothes along with all organic toiletres included. 

Also the food will be provided of our garden to live a complete organic life and to cook amazing and healthy recipes 

Price: 1,200 €

Date: 10 to 15 June 2019

2. “Self – Discover Retreat”.   

I am we are experience

(6 days)

In this Self-discover course we will learn to work with your physical, mental and emotional body to truly understand who you are.

You will start every morning with a depurative juice and a meditation to clean and remove any anxiety. During the day you will be working with yourself through chakra openings and activities with our I AM therapist.

You will be able to clean yourself and see you through the eyes of love

You will listen to the music you have inside you . That music that will take you where you have to be.

You will recieve your hand made I AM clothes along with all organic toiletres included. 

Also the food will be provided from our garden to live a complete organic life. 

We will have some cooking classes to prepare some healthy and tasty dishes

Price: 1,300 €

Date: 5 to 10 August 2019

5. “ i am team” (corporatives and enterprices)

(You choose the time)

In this course we will learn about ourselves, how to improve your dynamics with your co-workers and create what we call a “team”.

We will celebrate with a delicious dinner created by the chef Pascal and Sylvie Wojcie, who will delight our palate with a wonderful meal based on original dishes from the region. We will also have a wine tasting with a master of the pairing, Mr. Pière Charlot, who will teach us a bit about Bordeaux wines.

Price: 1,900 €

Come and spend time with us in an unlimited retreat. If you are in search of calm, tranquility and peace, do not hesitate to be part of our family i am

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*if you would like to do any of this courses in another date, please send us a message with your preferences.