“once you believe in yourself and see your soul as divine and precious, you will automatically become a being that can create miracles.”   Wayne Dyer

I AM Lucia and I am the creator of the self-healing method I AM Experience

 I AM Experience is a technique that uses the activation of the pineal gland, the strength of intention and attention to manifest and create in abundance, whatever you want in your life.

 It works with your physical, mental and spiritual body to release stress, anxiety and eating problems caused by fear

 I AM Experience will give you all the tools and the continuous support you need to know that the universe and the Source have always been there with you…waiting like a magical genius, to receive your orders.

Feel Love
Feel Peace
Feel Family
Feel Home
The pineal gland is a gland of the size of a lentil Is located in the

Discover I am Star Burst Center

I am Star Burst Center is proud to present its workshops and retreats for 2019.

Workshops and Retreats

Our I AM Starburst Center located in France, is a spiritual retreat Chateau created to share and teach a new way of life by the transmutation of fear for love.

Through IAM meditations, yoga, organic food and our tasty dishes, mindfulness activities with our I AM guides and true strength of intention, you will learn there´s only two feelings that predominate in life; love or fear and together we always choose to love.

Surrounded by the French vineyards, I AM STARBURST Center is inverse in the energy of the Alps and beautiful spots that will give the unique energy for a unique I AM Experience


Can you imagine yourself feeling good with your body?

Would you like to manifest the things you want in your life?

Do you want to reconnect with you?

All this is possible thanks to a new way of living the i am. 

I am coaching is an exclusive, personalized discipline dedicated to transpersonal evolution, the improvement of physical health, astrology, meditation and the knowledge and use of the pineal gland, to achieve balance.

We invite you to the new i am coaching experience, where you combine how you feel to define what you need.

Write to us using i am contact for your personalized coaching.

"I am experience shows the world that we are spiritual beings living a human experience"

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