María Marín

(Cosmetic) Spain

With Lucia as a coach there is a before and after in my life.


She has known how to direct me and find myself, the correct definition would be to say that she has empowered me.


Now I know how to say no! Thing that before would have been impossible according to personal and loving circumstances.


It has helped me to know which path I should choose for my good and to give myself courage.


No doubt I will keep her next to me.


Thanks for everything Lucia.

Alessia Innocenti

(Artist) Barcelona

My name is Alessia. I met Lucia, the creator of I AM Experience, through a mutual friend.


I contacted her to do some sessions, since I have a lot of anxiety and I eat very badly.


In the first session we worked on my anxiety.


She gave me the knowledge and exercises to understand why and where so much anxiety came from, and little by little I have been discovering and improving it to the point that now I can be calm.


The next session she gave me guidelines to learn how to eat better, and what types of food my body needs.


I also understood how to feed my body with energy food, that each food has a different energy charge.


That was a great help because now I know what to eat and what not to eat to feel good.


The coaching sessions that Lucia have been really helpful because today I have a better quality of life.


I AM Experience is a platform that helps the well-being of people in all aspects; spiritual physical and mental.


I would recommend it to everyone because it changes your life
I will continue with my coach sessions, because I see a great evolution in my process and every day I feel fuller and happier.


Thanks Coach!

Toni Gil

(Teacher) Spain

My name is Toni and I am 47 years old.


I met I AM Experience through a friend from work who recommended it to me.


I weighed 106 kg and although I am 1,83m I did not like my appearance.


All my life I played sports but work and parenthood changed my life a few years
ago and I gained weight.


I set myself the goal of going down from 100 kg and with Lucia and in a month
and a half I achieved the goal.


My biggest fear was starvation, since I love to eat, and I need to satiate myself
to have the feeling of being comfortable with meals.


With I AM Experience I learned to eat well, healthy and different.




I discovered
foods that I did not know existed and above all I removed foods from my diet
that obviously did not help me, in addition to other things that I thought did not
harm me when it came to losing weight.


Now I have a new objective, and this is around 95 kg; I still want to lose 4 or 5
kg more and I know that the hardest part is yet to come.



That is why Lucia´s
psychological, dietary and professional support is very important and she has
shown me that her method works.


I recommend it to everyone who wants to lose those extra pounds, with their
help, their advice and their own will, not only are we going to lose weight, but
our vitality and health will change in a beneficial way.


It is worth it!!!!

Maria Stella Salvertrini

( Hostelry ) Chile

I personally recommend the IAM Experience because it produces fantastic
changes in life.


It is an experience that I managed to feel to the fullest.


Talking to Lucia and working through her exercises, meditations and food aids
have helped me a lot because they have made my life something better.


Thank you for helping me feel the peace that I needed.


I recommend everyone to live this experience, for me a journey already begun
and Lucia is a very special woman who has changed my life.

Alejandra Montalva

(Cosmetic) Chile

I AM Experience has been a change in my life …


When I met the program, I weighed 87 kilos, I was totally devastated without
knowing how to build my life after my divorce.


I started a healthy eating style with my beloved coach Lucia who showed me
different foods that I did not know, to explore different ways of eating and
quickly started to lose weight, feel eager and with vitality to achieve my goals
The coaching sessions inspired and transformed me to empower myself and
find the new woman that I am today.


I recommend IAM Experience to everyone because you not only learn to eat …


you learn to live.


I found all my power that I did not know I had and today I am happy and happy


Thanks Lucia!

Abel Reyes

(Dancer) Nicaragua

Lucia has been the first coach I have had.


She is a person with a very broad listening and while I spoke to her about my goals, I automatically realized everything I could achieve both in the short term and in the future.


During the first few minutes of conversation I already saw changes in my way of thinking.


I am very happy to have met her and I am sure to continue my process with her, it has been very easy to express myself and I have generated a lot of confidence with the first words.


Thank you very much for your help Lucia.

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