Fear, that which stands between you and your happiness.

If you could think in this second about what you want to achieve, in that dream that makes your heart beat stronger, in that situation that overwhelms you just by feeling it … What is it?

When we meet at that moment, at that moment where we are going to do something that we long for, something that perhaps we have thought and wanted throughout our lives, something that motivates us to act like nothing and nobody … When we are at the moment of jump into the void, but comes that voice in our head that says “Hey, what if it doesn’t work?” and all that emotion and fervor change radically due to fear and uncertainty …

What turns a positive emotion, from a dream or longing, into a negative one are our limiting beliefs that tell us that we are not capable or that it is better to stay in safety where we are. The problems that we create in our heads for not doing what we want, is the fear that trying to do something new gives us because of panic to fail or lose current security.

Our limiting beliefs are there for that, to limit our mind to what we already know and is common to us. They are beliefs created from our childhood, which helped us at some point to take care of ourselves, protect ourselves and become what we are today.

They help us classify memories and new situations to know how to behave in the face of similar phenomena, but are the beliefs created by children the same that we have now? If everything in life changes, can our beliefs change?

Sure they can change! This is the process of transforming a limiting belief into a powerful belief. Transmute that belief that limits you, that produces doubts and fear, for a belief that now serves you, that fills you with courage and self-love to go for all your dreams.

At the exact moment where questions like what if it doesn’t work begin? What if I lose what I have? What if it’s a bad decision? You must know immediately that this is the belief and the ego trying to get into the middle, it is fear internalizing winning over love and truth and the best way to work this is through:

1. Find what you love. Discover that in your heart that you want and create an action plan to achieve it.

2. Listen to how you talk to yourself. If we are not talking to each other with love, then it is very difficult for the energy vibration that comes into your life to be abundant. You must always speak to yourself with love so that you begin to experience that frequency.

3. Change negative questions to What if it works? What if I can change my life? What if I win living the dream I have always wanted? Go to the moment where you get what you want, because that energy will be your engine.

4. Trust life, yourself and the universe. There is a perfect energy capable of creating nature, the cosmos and gravity. Trusting that this energy is your guide and always working with the truth will only bring us rewarding fruits because the energy of life is love … it is not fear. 5. When that desire to pursue that dream comes, feed it through thoughts, emotions and actions that bring you closer to it.

It is time to go inside, to look for what gives us light and joy and not let fear or limiting beliefs weaken us.

It is time to trust life and that God is with us It is time to jump from the highest mountain with your eyes covered, knowing that if we work with good energy, then the truth will not be denied

It is time to accept that we are spiritual beings living a human experience and that requires courage and above all faith.

Let’s be the energy that accepts everything, forgives everything and loves everything

Let’s be God …


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