I AM Lucia Sedini.


I AM Lucia Sedini. I am a Chef, a professional Coach associate in Asesco with a master’s degree in NLP and the creator of the holistic method I AM Experience.


Life has given me very hard lessons in my life, I have lived the sadness necessary to grow and be reborn through pain. This pain led me to assume the reality that I had created myself, to take responsibility for it and change it.


I AM was born after the understanding and assimilation of patterns and experiences that led me to unhappiness.


I AM arises after the joy of knowing that I could change my reality and the awareness that the BEING free gave me.


I have created through my studies in Coaching, Chef and energy food, a method of self-discovery, healing and creation of your true I AM.


A method whose purpose is the happiness of living through your I AM.


Today I know who I am and what I am capable of and I want to dedicate my life to helping others find their I AM, through the I AM experience.


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