The factors that prevent you from losing weight

How many times have we been at that moment where we are ready to lose weight, to change your eating habits and put into practice the famous will power?

Why does it seem so difficult to achieve this goal?

I have heard my clients say so many times that they are tired of trying to lose weight and not getting the body they want, but what are they doing wrong?

Why for some people it is so easy and for others it seems to be the dream never fulfilled?

Here we will talk about some factors that really prevent weight loss and some tips to change this reality of your life once and for all.

Factors that prevent weight loss:

1. Processed foods and sugar:

It is incredible the amount of bad nutrients or lack of nutrients that these processed foods carry, such as hamburgers, ready meals, frozen pizzas, etc.

White sugar is the number 1 enemy when we want to lose weight because it doesn’t have any nutrients or vitamins; only empty calories

2. Eat healthy from Monday to Friday:

Spending on diets from Monday to Friday and “relaxing” on the weekend is a typical mistake that we usually make since the body does not understand that we are changing habits and if we lose 1 kilo in the week, we will gain 2 during the weekend.

3. Not Sleeping:

Not sleeping is very harmful to health, but especially to lose weight since when we are in the dream state, our body has the task of recovering energy and also digesting it. If we do not sleep, we do not achieve the digestion we need, thus slowing our ability to lose weight

4. Stress:

When we constantly live in the energy of stress, our brain believes that we are in an emergency state, bringing blood to our extremities and slowing down some systems in our body, such as digestion.

5. Sedentary lifestyle:

Being constantly still causes our entire system to slow down. Exercising is key to weight loss since by moving, we stimulate our lung capacity, our heart beats faster, accelerating metabolism.

What tips do I recommend

I believe faithfully that the first thing is to eliminate “diets” because they involve a methodology of “eating certain foods to lose x kilos in x amount of time” and if it is not achieved then there is disappointment, discomfort and an endless vicious circle.

The best way is to make a change of life and eating habits where you learn to eat healthy, ecological, with natural ingredients that give us the correct properties without excess fat, salt and other components that are in almost all processed foods.

The healthy lifestyle does not talk about restricting calories because your body gets used to it and you stagnate, but you can choose which calories do you good and are healthy for you.

For example if you want to eat fiber, is better that you chose integral rice or quinoa over white bread.

Moving constantly whether it’s climbing stairs, playing with your dog or walking every day will help your metabolism to be always active and fast.

Protein Vegetable calories are good for weight loss since it also helps strengthen the muscles

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