How to take care of ourselves with food

In these moments of so much uncertainty, the best we can give ourselves is inner peace. Our greatest gift is to be strong physically, mentally and spiritually.


One of the best ways to take care of ourselves is through food and now that we are at home, what better than dedicating part of the day to nourish ourselves coherently to feel good, with vitality and healthy?


It is in these moments that we must be more conscious than ever what we give to our body, we have to think what we need and how we can give it to ourselves. The anxiety levels produce to gain d drinks or chips or chocolates, but these foods only lower the energy levels.


There are foods that demineralize creating an ACID PH and that is when the body becomes ill since its PH must always be alkaline


Alcohol, vinegars, stimulants such as caffeine and carbonated beverages, pastries, pastries, sugary drinks or very cold foods such as ice cream, sausages and cheeses produce extremely low energy levels in the body and give us the opposite of what we are now looking for. is well-being


To take care of our respiratory system, it is important to avoid products that create mucus and cool us, such as oats and refined flours since they create a cold and humid internal environment that is reflected in mucus and phlegm.


Let’s reduce the ice cream and raw and start consuming more whole grain such as brown rice, quinoa, millet or spelled, vegetable protein such as seitan and legumes will help us give us the necessary amount of nutrients to feel alive and with constant energy


Choose to eat cooked, hot things that nourish and boost your immune system, take a lot of green tea to clean and orange and ginger infusions to activate

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